Host a Cocktail Party for Two.

Host a Cocktail Party for Two.

Have you had one too many couch-surfing movie nights stuck at home? Switch it up with a crafted cocktail party, even with a limited guest list!

The key to any successful party (even if it’s for 2) is planning and here’s a list of considerations for your checklist:


Whether you’re ordering out or ordering in, think about the pairing with your cocktail preference. If you’re a classic martini drinker, maybe you want to lean towards seafood or sushi to match the clean flavors. If you’re more on the bourbon end of the spectrum, you might want to consider something more smoky or spicy, like barbecue. Think about the flavor notes you get from your favorite cocktail and plan accordingly.

It’s also good to consider variety and small plates. Variety certainly helps if you and your guest have differing opinions on cocktail preference and small plates are, quite frankly, just fun. Another way to incorporate these elements are with an expansive cheese and/or charcuterie board.    

Mixers & Garnishes

There are a variety of interesting mixers that can take your cocktail to the next level, without much effort. Simple syrups can be purchased in large format and are very simple (no pun intended) to make if you're feeling ambitious.

Garnishes also help enhance a home crafted cocktail. If you’re going to spend the time crafting your own cocktails, make sure to get quality ingredients. For example, if you’re a Manhattan lover, it’s worth splurging on the premium cherries (trust me on that) and a good bottle of bitters. If you’re into dirty martini’s, having quality blue cheese stuffed olives will elevate the presentation and the taste.


Make sure you have the right glasses for your specific cocktail. If you’re using craft ice (we’ll get to that shortly), it’s important to select the right glass for the size and shape of the ice. Consider chilling your glasses ahead of time, especially for the martini variety.

Craft Ice

If you’re considering any of the items above, then craft ice is a must-have for your home cocktail experience. With the right equipment, craft ice is very easy to make ahead of time. Depending on your specific tray or clear ice system, make sure to prepare enough ice for multiple rounds.  For more info on clear craft ice including prep and storage, checkout The Definitive Guide.

Serving Trays

Whether you’re taking your party of two outside or to another room, a good serving tray will make transport of all your items easier. It’s best to go with one that has handles as a feature and is at least 18” x 12” or larger. This will provide ample space for both barware and food, which can also offer a stable platform if your party location has limited table options.


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