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70 Home Bar Must Haves for 2023

70 Home Bar Must Haves for 2023

When you hear "home bar," your first thought might be, "isn't that a "man cave?" It could be, but a home bar can be anything. Whether you've got a simple bar cart at home or a dedicated space full of mixers, bar tools, glasses - you name it, well, then you have a home bar.

Keeping your bar stocked with the right tools and ingredients could make or break any gathering when you have a few guests over for drinks. Even if you don't have your drinking supplies in your own space, it's still a good idea to know what kind of home bar essentials you should keep in the house for such occasions.

Here are some essential items that will give you a basic bar. First, we will talk about liquor, ingredients, bar tools, and glassware. These are home bar must-haves that will help you serve those customary drinks and trendy cocktails your friends love, in addition to wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, of course.

 Home Bar Must Haves | Liquor List | Dramson

Liquor List

Start your home bar with a variety of essential spirits. Don't go overboard and buy a large amount of liquor, or you will find yourself stuck with a lot of bottles collecting dust in the back of your liquor cabinet. We like to start with some basic spirits used to make popular cocktails and drinks. The brands will depend upon your tastes and those of your guests.


1) Vodka

Vodka is used in many different cocktails and mixed drinks, so it should be the first bottle on your liquor list. There are a lot of flavored vodkas on the market, but if you have a group of vodka-loving friends, be sure to stock up on the original. Invest in a top-shelf brand for cocktails and a cheaper brand for mixed drinks.

2) Gin

Martinis and gin & tonics are so popular that it's essential to have a classic London dry gin behind your bar. Gin lovers will much appreciate a top-shelf gin. If you have gin connoisseurs on your guest list, you may want to try a more eclectic gin, like those with a subtle botanical taste.

3) Whiskey

Canadian or bourbon whiskey? Or a Scotch whiskey? The correct answer is both. Cocktail drinkers will prefer a Canadian or bourbon whisky, but for those who want to sip their drink by the fire, well, those folks will have a Scotch whisky in mind. Chances are you will have friends who like to consume their brown liquor and other friends who want to mix it in their cocktails. Having both types is essential for any home bar.

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4) Rum

Yes, just like whisky, there are two types of rum. And each type is equally important to have on your liquor list. The first type is white rum. This is the type of rum you will want to use in mojitos, daiquiris, and perhaps the most famous rum drink of them all – Rum & Coke. You'll want to own a dark rum, too, if you intend on making tropical or tiki drinks. A decent amount of dark rum will have your friends doing the limbo before you know it.

5) Tequila

And what would a home bar be without Tequila? Margaritas are a staple on any drink menu, so you'll want some Tequila behind your bar. And don't limit yourself to margaritas. Instead, learn about other increasingly popular tequila drinks such as the Paloma and Tequila Sunrise. And don't forget the limes and salt because if any Jimmy Buffet songs are playing, Tequila shots aren't far behind.

6) Wine

As for other beverages you should have on hand, it's always a good idea to have red and white wine. 

7) Champagne

It's always a good idea to have a bottle of champagne on hand to celebrate special occasions or top off your Sunday brunch with Mimosas.

8) Beer

Having a variety of beer is a given these days, with all the different craft brews on the market. But don't forget the popular American light lagers for those guests who don't prefer a dark or hoppy beer.


Cocktail Liqueurs, Aperitifs, and Fortified Wines

There are many great liqueurs that would make a great addition to your home bar. Stocking them all is difficult, so we suggest you select those liqueurs that are components of your favorite cocktails. The list below contains popular choices featured in classic cocktails.

9) Sweet Vermouth

Vermouth is a fortified wine that is used in many classic cocktails, including the Manhattan, Negroni, Americano, Martinez, Boulevardier, Vieux Carre, Blood & Sand

10) Dry Vermouth

Featured in Martinis, Dry Vermouth contains less sugar than its sweeter sibling.

11) Orange Liqueur

An essential ingredient of Margaritas and Cosmopolitans, orange liqueurs such as Triple Sec, Grand Marnier, and Cointreau are a home bar must-have.

12) Campari

Campari is a bitter Italian aperitif, a crucial ingredient in popular cocktails such as the Negroni and Boulevardier.

13) Aperol

The sweeter cousin of Campari, Aperol has a distinct orange hue and is used in many cocktails, such as an Aperol Spritz.

14) Amaretto

This popular, almond-flavored liqueur gives the Amaretto Sour and the Godfather their unique flavor.

15) Coffee Liqueur

The Mudslide, White Russian, and Espresso Martinis get their distinct coffee flavors from coffee liqueurs, such as Kahlua.

16) Irish Cream Liqueur

You can drink it on the rocks, mix it with coffee, make variations of a Mud Slide or White Russian, or pour up a round of Irish Car Bombs. Baileys is the quintessential Irish Cream Liqueur and is as versatile as delicious.

17) Bénédictine

Bénédictine is a complex herb liqueur with a sweet, honey taste, pair with Brandy for a B&B, or use it in the Vieux Carre or Milke & Honey cocktails.

18) Crème de Cacao

This chocolate liqueur boasts a medium level of sweetness and is excellent for many chocolate-based versions of classic cocktails, such as a Chocolate Martinis.

19) Crème de Menthe

Most people think of the Grasshopper cocktail when thinking of this mint-flavored liqueur, but it is also used in a Peppermint Paddy cocktail. Peppermint Schnapps is s suitable replacement.

Honorable Mentions: Drambuie, Frangelico, Rumchata, Maraschino Liqueur, Melon Liqueur, Chambord, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Blue Curaçao

A broad selection of mixers and garnishes is a much-needed supporting cast for anyone's home bar. A good cocktail cannot stand on its alcohol-based ingredient alone. Below is a list of cocktail mixers and ingredients you should add to your liquor list.


Sodas & Tonic Water

You cannot go without tonic and soda. These mixers are used in a substantial number of popular cocktails, as well as your basic mixed drinks. For example, you may have plastic bottles for your guests to choose from, but why not class it up a bit and pick some premium tonics and sodas, so your guests know you care about providing them with quality drinks.

Home Bar Must Haves | Sodas & Tonic | Dramson

Soda and tonic water essentials:

20) Coca-Cola (or Pepsi)

21) Club Soda

22) Ginger Ale

23) Ginger Beer

24) Tonic Water

25) Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite or 7-Up)


Juices are a close second to soda and tonic water as they too are a necessity for a large variety of your favorite drinks and cocktails. Some people prefer freshly squeezed juice, but prepackaged juices are fine too.

Home Bar Must Haves | Orange Juice | Dramson

Fruit Juice must-haves:

26) Orange Juice

27) Lemon Juice

28) Lime Juice

29) Cranberry Juice

30) Pineapple Juice

31) Tomato Juice

Cocktail Mixers

To save yourself some time, there are some pre-made cocktail mixers you can buy. They also add a bit of confidence to your mixology skills. Just add the mix to the proper spirit, and, voila, you have one tasty drink.

32) Sweet-and-Sour Mix

33) Margarita Mix

34) Bloody Mary Mix

In addition to these staple cocktail mixers, there are many great small-batch cocktail mixers on the market. These include Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Michelada, Moscow Mule, and other great cocktail mixers.

Pro-Tip: Cocktail Mixers are great for making batches of cocktails for parties or other events.

Home Bar Must Haves | Cocktail Bitters | Dramson

Cocktail Bitters

Like spices in cooking, cocktail bitters elevate any cocktail and bring bold, new heights of unique flavor to your drinks. Simply adding bitter ingredients to your liquor collection will not only give your drinks a depth flavor, but they will also have your friends dropping by for some "sophisticated" drinks. Although there are many flavors of bitters, we recommend that you keep these two on hand.

35) Aromatic Bitters

36) Orange Bitters

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Cocktail Syrups

If you're looking to make imaginative cocktails are even fun soft drinks, then cocktail syrups are what you need. Cocktail syrups can be used in various drinks, and some are even necessary ingredients, such as simple syrup and grenadine. You can feature assorted flavors for unique occasions and even mix them in coffee, which may please your non-alcoholic drinkers.

Home Bar Must Haves | Cocktail Syrup | Dramson

Syrup suggestions:

37) Simple Syrup

38) Grenadine

39) Cherry Syrup

In addition to these classics, there are floral cocktail syrups and flavor-infused simple syrups that will add complexity (in a good way!) to your favorite cocktails.

Cocktail Garnishes

Whether you're adding the finishing touch to a cocktail or squeezing a bit more flavor into a mixed drink, wedges or slices of citrus fruits are crucial to have behind your bar. When crafting cocktails, dehydrated pieces of citrus fruit can be used, but your guests will appreciate fresh fruit sliced yourself.

Home Bar Must Haves | Cocktail Garnish | Dramson

40) Orange

41) Lemon

42) Lime

What is a martini without an olive? OK, not every martini calls for olives, but they are great for enhancing any gin-based mixed drink and a few vodka ones. If you want to walk on the fancy side, get olives full of cheese, pickles, or peppers for even more flavor.

43) Pitted Olives

44) Pimento Olives

45) Blue Cheese Olives

Cocktail cherries come in many varieties. There’s the classic maraschino cherry with their trademark bright, red color, and also Bordeaux Cherries, Bourbon Cherries, Rum Cherries, and Armarena Cherries.

46) Maraschino Cherries

47) Bourbon Cherries

The cocktail vegetable is an overlooked garnish that will set you apart from most home bars. After all, what's a Bloody Mary without a stalk of celery? Cocktail vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers are used in a growing number of drinks. And you can count them toward your daily servings of vegetables - we won't tell.

48) Cocktail vegetables

Cocktail Ice

From crushed ice to large whiskey spheres, cocktail ice comes in all shapes and sizes. Standard kitchen ice cubes will work in a pinch, but we recommend a crystal-clear ice system. Traditional ice cubes are cloudy and cracked. Clear ice systems utilize directional freezing to create ice shapes as clear as glass. They're available in various shapes and sizes, but a large 2.25" clear ice sphere is a must-have for whiskey drinkers.

Home Bar Must Haves | Clear Ice | Dramson

49) Crystal-Clear Ice System

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Essential Bar Tools

Now that we've covered what makes up a good cocktail, you are going to need the right bar tools to bring it all together. So here's a variety of bar tools that should be behind every home bar, along with some essential bartending tips.

Home Bar Must Haves | Bar Tools | Dramson

50) Cocktail Shaker

A classic Cobbler Shaker or 3-piece cocktail shaker is the right option if you're starting with making cocktails. It consists of a shaker tin, a lid with a built-in strainer, and a cap to hold the strainer when shaking. The cap can even double as a jigger for pouring shots. Cobbler Shakers are traditionally small and ideal for preparing single drinks.

Home Bar Must Haves | Cocktail Shaker | Dramson

51) Boston Shaker

Professional mixologists prefer a Boston Shaker with a bigger tin than the Cobbler Shaker and a pint glass that matches the tin. You'll be able to assemble your own by acquiring a shaker tin and pint glass separately. You will need a strainer to put over your tin when pouring cocktails to prevent unwanted ice or other ingredients from sneaking it. In addition, some bartenders can "crack" a shaker just enough to pour out the cocktail without a strainer.

52) Mixing Glasses

Professional mixing glasses have straight sides, a significant base, and a spout for pouring. Mixing glasses are available in various designs. Whatever glass you use, make sure it's large enough to hold the amount of spirits you want, along with any ingredients, and don't forget to leave room for ice. 

Home Bar Must Haves | Cocktail Mixing Glass | Dramson

53) Bar Spoon

Bar spoons are unique spoons for creating and stirring cocktails and mixed drinks. They are usually long-handled, measure roughly one teaspoon, and made of stainless steel to protect flavor. But how do you know when to stir a drink and when to shake a drink? For example, if a cocktail is created entirely of spirits, like a martini, stir it with ice to retain the drink's clarity and silky texture. Cocktails made with carbonated ingredients, like a Mojito, might also be lightly stirred once or twice.

Home Bar Must Haves | Bar Spoons | Dramson

54) Hawthorne Strainer

The Hawthorne strainer is the most common and recognizable strainer with a handle, making it easier to hold, along with a strainer spring and 2-4 prongs.

Home Bar Must Haves | Hawthorne Strainer | Dramson

55) Julep Strainer

Named after the famous cocktail, Julep strainers were initially designed to keep ice from falling into the facial hair of those gentlemen enjoying the cocktail. The design allows them to fit easily inside cocktail mixing glasses or pint glasses when using a Boston Shaker.

56) Fine Mesh Strainer

You will often find paired with a Hawthorne or Julep strainer known as a fine strainer. It also keeps out unwanted ingredients from your cocktails by filtering the finer particles that may be left behind.

57) Jiggers

Crafting cocktail recipes in a way that balances delicate flavors requires accurate measures. To put it simply, precision is critical. The hourglass shape of the jigger is a form of measurement used by bartenders. Basic models are inexpensive and may usually be bought for a few dollars. Higher-end jiggers are heavier and available in decorative finishes. Standard jiggers come in ½, ¾, 1, 1 ½ ounce sizes. When measuring with a jigger, ensure you know what size you are using and always fill it to ensure you're giving your drink maximum flavor.

Home Bar Must Haves | Jiggers | Dramson

58) Muddlers

You can find muddlers made of wood, plastic, or steel. Muddlers with a rubber head and teeth are perfect for crushing ice and extracting juice from the fruit. Wooden muddlers will have a rounded or flat head and are ideal for drawing out the oils and aromas in herbs. Be sure to invest in muddlers long enough for tall glasses too.

Home Bar Must Haves | Muddler | Dramson

59) Citrus Juicer

Citrus is an essential ingredient when making all sorts of cocktails and, therefore, is ideal for squeezing fresh juice from lemons, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. The enameled hand citrus squeezer is a popular type and relatively inexpensive. It will extract much more juice from one piece of fruit than bare hands alone. A professional, lever-style juicer is a wise investment if you frequently make margaritas pitchers. You may even want to consider a countertop model, so your hands have less stress.

 Home Bar Must Haves | Citrus Juicers | Dramson

Bar Service Supplies

While not pre-requisites for crafting cocktails, certain bar service supplies will go a long way in helping you keep your bar organized, clean, as well as provide your guests with an enjoyable atmosphere.

Other bar tools and accessories:

60) Bottle openers

There’s nothing worse than getting all set for a glass of wine or a beer but not having a bottle opener. Sure, there are tricks to opening bottles in a pinch, but keep one on hand and save yourself the trouble.

61) Bar caddy

You’ve likely seen these at your neighborhood watering hole. They’re the storage and serving station that holds lemon, lime, and other cocktail garnish.

Home Bar Must Haves | Bar Caddy | Dramson

62) Ice bucket

An ice bucket comes in handy for parties when the cocktails are flowing

63) Bar mats

Yeah, a bar mat in your home sounds like overkill, but you’ll thank us after mixing a couple of cocktails.

64) Cutting board and bar knife

A good quality cutting board and knife are vital for preparing cocktail garnish.

Home Bar Must Haves | Garnish Cutting Board | Dramson



You don't have to stock up on every type of glassware for the many specialty cocktails available today, but you'll want to give you some thought to what styles of cocktails and mixed drinks you will be serving. Of course, you can always look at Dramson's full selection of glassware for any needed inspiration.

65) Coupe Glasses

Rather than buying separate glasses for martinis, margaritas, and champagne, one piece of glassware will cover all three. The handy glass we're talking about is called the Coupe. Not only does it have a classy look, but it also has a stable base that will prevent spills and a solid stem to help keep drinks chilled.

Home Bar Must Haves | Coupe Glass | Dramson

66) Rocks Glasses

If you're hosting a quaint get-together, or your guests simply want to sip their favorite spirits, you should always have rock glasses readily available. Your guests can sip their favorite whisky paired with sophisticated ice.

Home Bar Must Haves | Rocks Glasses | Dramson

67) Highball Glasses

If you're looking for a tall, slender glass that will allow you to make those drinks featuring more non-alcoholic mixers than spirits, the Highball or Collins are the way to go. These glasses are specifically designed for tall mixed drinks, including those drinks they're named after.

Home Bar Must Haves | Highball Glass | Dramson

68) Shot Glasses

Always be prepared for that time-honored tradition of "shots!" You are bound to hear this battle cry at some point, so always be ready by keeping shot glasses on hand. And if your jiggers aren't readily available, shot glasses work well for bomb drinks and measuring other liquors too.

Home Bar Must Haves | Shot Glass | Dramson

69) Pint Glasses

Pint glasses are a given just for their versatility alone. You'll use them with your Boston Shaker to muddle ingredients, crush ice, and serve beer. And let's not forget our non-alcoholic drinking guests either. With pint glasses around, you have all your bases covered.

Home Bar Must Haves | Pint Glass | Dramson

70) Wine Glasses & Champagne Flutes

Depending on your taste in wine, you can get by with medium-sized stemmed wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Home Bar Must Haves | Wine Glasses | Dramson


Putting it all together

A solid home bar foundation will get you to a good start for entertaining family and friends. After a few get-togethers, you'll be able to customize more based on your guests' needs. Customizing your bar to meet the tastes and desires of your guests will make your home bar the hottest spot in town. And don't forget to have a drink yourself. You deserve it.

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