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FREE Shipping on Orders of $50 or More

Crystal-Clear Ice Systems

The Coolest Trend in Whiskey is Crystal-Clear Ice Spheres!

🥃 2.25" ice spheres melt slowly and won't dilute your whiskey.

🧊 Clear ice doesn't have the air bubbles and impurities that make ice white, cloudy, and cracked.

Makes 2 Clear-Ice Spheres

Makes 4 Clear Ice Spheres

Slow Melting = Less Dilution

You want chilled whiskey, not whiskey-flavored water. Large ice spheres and cubes melt slower than standard ice cubes so they won't water down your cocktail.

No Cloudy or Cracked Ice

The key to clear ice is the directional freezing process found in nature. Dramson's Clear Ice Systems allow you to achieve this process in your home freezer.

No Expensive Equipment Required

Don't spend over $2,000 for an ice machine. Dramson offers Clear Ice systems for your home ranging from $24.99 to $99.99.

Shop our full collection of Clear-Ice shapes

Double Clear Ice System Mold Inserts

NOW AVAILABLE - Double Clear Ice Mold Inserts. Use these interchangeable inserts to make different shapes in your current Double Clear Ice Systems.


Customer Reviews

"I bought this for my husband as a gift at the recommendation of a friend. I'm happy to say that I won Christmas! He absolutely loves it. The kit is really easy to use and the ice is so clear. This is the perfect gift for anyone into whiskey."


Laurie M.



"This is the best home ice maker I've ever used. It is very easy to use and the end result is awesome. Clear ice really has a nice presentation, especially with real nice bourbon. I would highly recommend this product."


Matthew S.



"I used to make clear ice in a cooler and break it into pieces. It worked but took a lot of time and effort. These systems are an upgrade to homemade systems. They produce a perfect sphere every time that is perfectly clear.


Tom R.



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Common Questions

Is there a big difference between Clear Ice & Regular Ice?

Due to directional freezing, clear ice is free of the air bubbles and impurities that give standard ice cubes a cloudy, white appearance and often leads to cracks and chips. Visually, there is a big difference between Clear Ice and Standard Ice. (Clear Ice on the right & Standard Ice on the left)

What is the difference between Clear Ice Systems and Standard Ice Molds?

There are many types of ice molds, with the most common type being silicone ice molds. Most molds are sized to the exact shape they are producing - sphere, cube, golf ball, skull, etc. Standard ice molds work great. We use them and also sell them in our Dramson shop. Because they do not provide directional freezing, the ice they produce will be white, cloudy, and sometimes cracked.

In addition to the appearance of the ice they produce, a key differentiator between Clear Ice Systems and Standard Ice Molds is timing. Standard Ice Molds will make ice in 6-8 hours, where Clear Ice Systems take between 20-30 hours.

Ice spheres made in Clear Ice Systems or Standard Ice Molds will offer the same slow-melting benefits whiskey drinkers are looking for; however, if you're looking to use the very best ice for your high-end spirit, we highly recommend clear ice. The upscale look of clear ice is well worth the wait.

What is directional freezing?

Directional freezing is the key to producing crystal-clear whiskey and cocktail ice. You've likely seen directional freezing in action out in nature. Have you ever seen a pond or other body of water that is crystal-clear but frozen? This is due to directional freezing. As the water slowly freezes, the components that make ice cloudy and white are pushed downward, creating clear ice.

Does making Clear Ice require special water?

Clear ice does not require special water. We use warm tap water to make clear ice. The key to clear ice is the system, not the water. Some claim that distilled, boiled, or spring water will produce clear ice, but this is not true. These different types of water do not change how ice freezes.

How long does it take to make clear ice?

To achieve directional freezing, Clear Ice Systems are insulated around the sides and bottom. This forces freezing to start at the top of the system and freeze downward. This process pushes air and impurities out of the ice, producing crystal-clear ice, but takes longer than standard ice cubes. Clear Ice takes between 20-30 hours to fully freeze in a Clear Ice System. Results may vary based on your freezer specifications and temperature settings.

How long can you store Clear Ice?

Dramson Clear Ice Systems are available in both single and double cavity systems for sphere ice and a double cavity system for cubes. We recommend making ice in advance and storing it in an air-tight bag or container. We have stored clear ice for up to 6 weeks with no impact on the ice's taste or integrity. Please be aware that freezer temperature, specifications, and freezer contents vary, so your results may differ.

How do you use a Clear Ice System?


1. With the plastic water reservoir inside of the foam box, fill the plastic insert with hot tap water to approximately 1" below the top of the insert.

2. Press the assembled silicone mold into the water-filler plastic insert. Water will overflow into the areas above the fill holes. Add more water if necessary.

3. Place upright in a freezer for 20-30 hours (time will vary based on freezer conditions).

4. To remove the ice, use the tabs on the silicone mold to peel it from the plastic water insert. Separate the two halves of the mold and remove your ice.

5. (Optional) Your ice will have small nubs on the top and bottom. These can be carefully cut off before they are removed from the mold. Be careful not to cut into the mold.

How big are Clear Ice Systems?

Dramson Clear Ice Systems are designed for all sizes of home freezers and available in multiple sizes to best accommodate your available storage space.

Crystal-Clear Sphere Ice Maker (Single): 6" (h) x 5.25" (w) x 4" (d)
Crystal-Clear Ice Sphere, Cube, Skull & Diamond Maker (Double): 7.3" (h) x 6.7" (w) x 4.3" (d)
Crystal-Clear Sphere Ice Maker (Quad): 7.1" (h) x 8.5" (w) x 7.3" (d)