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The Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers.

The Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers.

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving all year round. Considering the year we’ve had in 2020, what could be better than gifting someone with the tools to craft their own high quality home cocktails? If your gift recipients are like most people, chances are they fall into one of these categories: 1) minimal to zero home bar tools OR 2) have a hodgepodge of accumulated bar tools. No matter where they fall on the properly outfitted home bar spectrum, here are some great ideas for some memorable (and useful) gifts.

For the beginner or minimally outfitted, the best place to start is with sets (or multiple sets) of items. If they’re a new home owner for example, then you may want to consider items with more universal use, such as a set of highball glasses that offer cocktail and everyday beverage utility. Other great choices are full cocktail mixing sets that offer multiple tools for an all-in-one gift.

For the home cocktail connoisseur that has an accumulation of bar tools, the best gift ideas are those that offer some style and possibly an upgrade to their current set. Some great ideas are Moscow Mule Mugs, stylish liquor decanters, craft ice makers and holiday specific sets.

To help simplify your gift selection, here’s a quick listing for some ideas based on the gift recipient:

Gift Ideas for the Beginner


Gift Ideas for the Dabbler


Gift Ideas for the Connoisseur

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